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About us

Analytical support of full cycle

Corestone Group is an analytical group bringing together experts with cross-industrial approach to solving issues. We use cutting-edge technologies and purposely designed authentic software, which makes our product distinguishable. Our expertise in various fields and combined analysis allow us to come up with new formats of analytics contributing a lot to finding insights.
Following products make up our portfolio: (1) analysis of info field and social processes, (2) semantic and emotional assessment, (3) determination of psychological types and patterns of behaviour, (4) voter’s behavior modelling, (5) forecasting and scenario modelling of developments, (6) business simulation and selection of best development patterns available, (7) branch mapping, etc.
We are preferred by those capable of influencing events. Privacy is guaranteed to each client.

Audience monitoring

Measurement of message/audience contact

Efficiency evaluation of awareness campaigns

Optimal media mix planning

Daily informational digest

Analytical support

Industries, markets and processes analysis

Regulatory base, financial and resource markets, FMCG, media, social processes, etc.

Search and verification of information (Ukrainian and foreign segments)

Preparation of reasoning base for negotiations/speeches

Strategic planning

Development of informational strategy

Support on a weekly tactics basis

Image management

Current media space modeling

Media space analysis in view of beneficiaries of awareness campaigns and media owners

Field work

Search of deeply hidden and concealed reasons of problematic situations

Obtaining raw data on the ground (in regions, factories, from direct participants)

Check and realization of decisions mad

Smart sociology

Conduction of psychographic researches for evaluation of client’s image, audience’s perception of events/matters of opinion, study of emotional maps and target audience’s semantics